Champion Light ****

Recommended for: international competition skaters
Skating Level: single Axel, all doubles, first triples

Colours: standard white/black, beige - surcharge
Uppers: leather (2,4-2,6 mm) with water resistant coating
Lining: microvelour, sweat resistant
Soles: hardened single sole
Blades: Flight (singles) / Professional (doubles) / Gold Seal (triples)

Specials: Special Notch, Singletop, extrawide Tongue, Lightweight

Ladies white sizes        1 - 8½ (=35 ½ - 43)    Widths  M / L / LL / C / CC
Gents black  sizes      3 - 6    (=35 ½ - 45)   Widths  M / L / LL / C / CC

blue= in stock or constantly in serial production grey = no stock item

This is a model for competition skaters who need a strong but flexible boot, easy to break in and kind to the ankles. No painful skating fold can develope due to the deep special functional notch with its circular ending. Extremely flexible but strong with its lateral additional reinforcement around the notch this model allows to land from single Axel (35-70 kg) up to triple jumps in lower weight categories (35-45 kg). 

The noticeably lighter weight (-300 gr in average size 5/38), the lower shaft and soft leather top makes this heat moldable model also interesting for adults and dancers - even more now that its tongue was optimized. For competition skaters weighting more than 50 kg and landing first triple jumps, we recommend the follow-up model Champion Reinforced

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