Deluxe Champion**** 

Recommended for: competition skaters 
Skating Level: all doubles

Colours: standard white/black, NUBUK and beige - surcharge
Uppers: leather (2,4-2,6 mm) with water resistant coating
Lining: leather
Sole: hardened 1 1/2 leather soles
Blades: Coronation Ace/Professional
Specials: Derby-Cut, soft shaft top, full padding throughout

Ladies white              
Sizes   3 - 8½ (=35 ½ - 43)    Widths       M / L / LL / C / CC
Boys/Gents black     Sizes    3 - 12  (=35 ½ - 47)    Widths      M / L / LL / C / CC

blue= in stock or constantly in serial production 
grey = no stock item - individual production - 4-8 weeks

Medium stiffness boots for competition skaters. This model offers all advantages of a WIFA leather boot: excellent for the growing foot because of the natural materials - uppers,  insoles, lining, reinforcement, soles, heels - all leather!
Comfort is provided by a soft padding throughout -  stability for jumps is provided by orthopaedic formed leather insole with steel shank and the leather reinforcement in the ankle area.

Available as boots or sets with reduction on both, boots & blades:
competition blades (Legacy/Coronation Ace/Professional). Heat moldable!